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Japan’s top class customer attraction capability to webinars for IT and manufacturing industries

Results-based charging model
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Receives a high evaluation as a solution that helps gain
serious audience participation!

NTT East Corporation
Fujitsu Group companies
CTC (Itochu Techno-solutions) Group companies
GMO Group companies

Majisemi is also used by more than 300 companies
from leading IT companies and manufacturing DX companies to start-ups.

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about us

About Majisemi

System development, DX, AI unitization, cloud, security, IoT, manufacturing DX, carbon neutral society,
and moreFor webinar planning for IT companies and manufacturing DX,
attracting customers, or winning business negotiation opportunities, just leave it to Majisemi,
which offers one-stop support services for you.

  • Planning capability

    hat produces an outcome

    Planning capability

    Our seminar planning team is familiar with IT industry trends and audience interests and will provide a proposal that delivers an outcome!

  • Customer attraction capability

    that obtains serious audience participation

    Customer attraction capability

    Majisemi has the No. 1 webinar audience acquisition capability with its exclusive house lists and know-how and attracts high-quality users who participate in webinars with enthusiasm!

  • Operation capability

    that allows host company to just provide a presentation on the day

    Operation capability

    Only Majisemi can offer one-stop support from planning, attracting customers, preparation, and seminar management on the day to participant follow-up.

Majisemi will solve your issues as follows.

Must-see for webinar organizer! What’s Majisemi?

Check out our webinar atmosphere!

Provides the know-how that helps lead to business negotiations based on our achievement in holding more than 1,200 webinars a year.

“We are interested in organizing webinars but don’t know how to attract customers or run webinars ourselves,” or “we don’t know what the appropriate themes will be to satisfy the user company’s needs.” Majisemi SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) will solve such webinar issues. Our most significant characteristics are the capability to attract customers, one-stop services, and reasonable pricing. Utilizing our capabilities of planning and running webinars and attracting an audience accumulated through 1,200 webinar delivery experiences a year, Majisemi will propose successful seminars that solve seminar participants’ issues and help our customers lead to business negotiations. All our customers need is just open the seminar on the day. Majisemi is also recognized to offer thorough follow-up for participants after the seminar, which leads to lead acquisitions.

Why we are chosen. REASON#1

Planning capability

Raises more attention from end users to the products and services of the seminar hosting company by planning seminar events that help solve participants’ issues based on an understanding of the trends in the IT industry and manufacturing DX.

Majisemi figures out what themes and programs are demanded by analyzing the annual 1,200 webinars events. The strengths of the Majisemi Planning Team are theme selection for webinars and scenario writing capability. Interviewing customers about their products and services in detail, Majisemi plans seminars that help solve seminar participants’ issues and that generate business negotiation opportunities based on the trends in the IT industry and manufacturing DX. Majisemi suggests specific sales activities even after seminars to obtain targeted participants. This is why Majisemi has achieved such a high lead acquisition rate.

Why we are chosen. REASON#2

Audience attracting capability

Obtains serious audience through the exclusive house lists that focus on the information system, DX, and security departments.

One of the reasons why Majisemi is chosen as the number one audience-attracting webinar provider is because the company boasts of strong audience drawing power utilizing the 150,000 house lists and its dedicated websites. About 50% of the audience consists of employees of leading companies with more than 500 employees, most of the audience are in their 40s to 50s, and many are in senior positions as department or section managers. They have high information sensitivity, and a majority of the participants are fully motivated to grow their businesses and are highly recognized as unlikely to cancel at the last minute, and many participants consider things seriously.

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Why we are chosen. REASON#3

Seminar management capability

Takes care of planning, program development and advance preparation on behalf of customers
Acquires leads/appointments by following up with participants after the event

All the host company has to do is just give a presentation on the day of the event. Majisemi performs all the required operations necessary to run a webinar on behalf of the host company from creating seminar information pages and sending reminders to registered participants to MCing on the day. Majisemi helps improve the participation rate by sincerely answering questions from seminar applicants and helps increase the satisfaction rate by providing an interactive seminar with participants on the day of the event to gain fans for the host company. Majisemi also offers an optional service called Maji-follow, where Majisemi follows up the participants after the event on behalf of the busy host company.

Seminar management capability


Our thoughts

New encounter
and experience with digital

Majisemi builds bridges between companies facing a variety of issues and IT companies and manufacturers that have sophisticated technologies and extensive experience. It aims to realize a society where Majisemi’s direct introductions between bidders and orderers allows them to do business with respect to each other by abolishing the traditional multitiered contract structure (master-subordinate relationship) and where technologies are used not as mere tools to improve efficiency but to truly contribute to society, which makes engineers become heroes.

Make every engineer a hero. Yuichi Terada
(President and Representative Director)

Wish to create excitement for participantsNaomi Ishihara

Three accessible plans and options
that help increase customers’ lead acquisition rate
Our greatest strength is our cost performance to attract customers

The reasonable pricing and one-stop service
for webinars are just unique to Majisemi!


Only Majisemi can offer one-stop support from planning, attracting customers, preparation, and seminar management on the day of the event to participant follow-up at reasonable prices.

Majisemi defines what type of business negotiation is likely to lead to obtaining orders before moving forward to the planning stage. It also helps design questionnaire and prepare a webinar distribution tool and assists not only with the secretariat work for planning and attracting an audience but also offers to provide an MC on the day and support for tool operation by Majisemi staff. Even companies that have no experience in holding a seminar and do not know how to run an event or those that do not know how to develop a program can also try Majisemi.

The greatest strength of Majisemi is the cost performance to attract customers. Defining the target and the goal of a webinar and preliminary designing from the story to gain a business negotiation opportunity to the program details and questionnaires before and after the event, Majisemi charges according to the number of audience participants who were actually drawn to the webinar based on the results-based charging model.

Majisemi also offers thorough participant follow-up after a seminar, which earns a good reputation since it is likely to drive to lead generation. Most webinar hosts who have used Majisemi once are likely return to Majisemi. Adding options to the accessible three plans also helps to improve your webinars’ cost performance further.

Service descriptions

Three accessible plans and two options that drive cost performance

Basic Plans

  • ・Results-based charging model based on the number of participants.
  • ・Only available for seminars with 20 participants or more. (Charge is based on the number of participants.)

(Excluding tax)

*Required to have a seminar / apply for a seminar service every time

LiteMajisemi Club Lite
  • ・Automatic renewal every month
  • ・10 additional participant slots added every month
  • ・Minimum capacity for webinars is 30 participants
  • ・If a webinar with 30 participants is held in the first month, additional participant slots for 20 participants can be purchased (@10,000 yen)
  • ・If the number of participants falls below the capacity, the unused participant slots will be carried over to the following month
  • ・Additional participant slots can be purchased for @10,000 yen each
  • ・Individuals who have applied (charged) for your company’s seminars in the last three sessions and have applied for the same seminar again will be exempt from charges for that seminar (fan cultivation).

one months
(Excluding tax)

*Contract is automatically renewed every months

Standard/PremiumMajisemi Club Standard/Premium

Under Construction

Optional plans

  • ・Makes phone calls and emails to all applicants for the seminar
  • ・Makes follow-up calls and emails to all on-the-day participants to generate business negotiation opportunities
  • ・Collects seminar feedback and prepares a report
  • ・Maji-follow is offered free of charge to those who have the Majisemi Club Opportunity (guarantee to lead to business negotiation) service.

(Excluding tax)

Video offering
Video offering

Offers a video file of your webinar on the day. It can be used for video marketing or as content for other purposes.

Offers a full video file (with limited usage) free of charge.
*Please contact us for details
200,000 yen for a full video file
(secondary use is allowed)
50,000 yen for summary video creation and offering
(secondary use is allowed) (Excluding tax)

Company overview

Company name Majisemi Co.,Ltd
Head Office Shiodome Building 3F, 1-2-20, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan
Branch Shinjuku Studio 406, 2-21-8-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan
Telephone 03-6721-8548 (Rep:Terada)
Email info@majisemi.com
Executive representative Yuichi Terada, President
Establishment January 2018
Capital 10 million yen
Our services Seminar marketing

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